We have revised Store Hours over the next two weeks.
Sunday, Oct 7th - Closed
Monday, Oct 8th - 11:00-3:00
Tuesday, Oct 9th - 11:00-3:00
Wednesday, Oct 10th - 11:00-6:00
Thursday, Oct 11th - Closed
Friday, Oct 12th - 11:00-6:00
Saturday, Oct 13th - 10:00-4:00
Sunday, Oct 14th - Closed
Monday, Oct 15th - Closed
Tuesday, Oct 16th - Closed
Wednesday, Oct 17th - Closed
Thursday, Oct 18th - 11:00-6:00
Friday, Oct 19th - 11:00-6:00
Saturday, Oct 20th - 10:00-4:00


We are adding products to our online store every day. We have 30+ years of inventory that we need to add. Some items may not have pictures yet but they will be coming soon. If there is an item that does not have a picture and you would to see it, let us know. Please note that not all inventory online is in the store but can be upon request.

New Releases

Due to Upper Deck policy, Upper Deck Hockey products are available for in-store purchases only for 180 days upon release. At this time, the following products are available in-store only:

2018/19 Upper Deck Artifacts Hobby and Blaster Boxes
2018/19 Upper Deck MVP Hobby and Blaster Boxes
2017/18 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hobby Box